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Memory not correctly installed.

The memory may not be installed correctly.

The memory socket is defective.

The memory socket may be bad or damaged or needs cleaning.

Incorrect Configuration.

You bought the wrong part for your computer or are not following the memory configuration rules.

Defective or Incompatible Memory Module.

The memory module we shipped is defective or incompatible.


Remove the memory and install again.

Push the memory firmly into the socket. You should hear a click or the clips on the sides of the memory socket should snap on to the memory when it is in position.

Swap memory modules.

Remove the new memory and check if the computer works. Remove the old memory and install only the new memory to see if the new memory is good. Try the new and old memory in different sockets. Swapping memory modules narrows down the possible problems.

Clean the memory sockets.

Use a soft cloth or compressed air to clean the memory sockets.

Check all cables and cards.

You may have accidentally disconnected a cable or a card inside your computer while installing the memory. Check if all connections are good.

Make sure you ordered the right memory.

Check your user manual or the computer manufacturer’s website to find out if you ordered the right memory.

Check the memory configuration.

Certain computers require memory to be installed in pairs or sets of four identical memory modules. Some computers require the highest capacity memory module in the first socket. Few computers require that all memory sockets be used and few computers have limitations on total number of memory ranks.

Update the BIOS.

Make sure you have the BIOS for your computer supports the new memory configuration. If not, you may need to download the latest BIOS from the computer manufacturer’s website.

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