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Avoid Common Memory Scams

Here are some insider tips on how not to get burnt buying memory:

1. Memory modules made from "OEM" or "House Brand" memory chips. Memory chips are only made by large companies such as Micron, Samsung, Infineon, Elpida, Hynix, Hyundai, Nanya. Some of their low spec chips find their way into the secondary market without the manufacturer's name on them. Avoid memory modules without these names. These memory modules are bound to fail soon.

2. Lifetime Warranty Whose Lifetime? The Seller's, The Buyer's or does it depend on the seller's mood. The truth is that only a very small percentage of companies offering lifetime warranty actually honor it. Common excuses - we need a copy of the sales receipt, we did not sell this to you, you mishandled it, please send it back and we will send a replacement as soon as we get back from the manufacturer (translation - not in your lifetime!). We know of only few companies that offer a real lifetime warranty but you will pay almost twice as much for this insurance.

3."Factory Approved", "Premium" and other misrepresentations. Which Factory Approved It? Do they have a certificate to prove it? Do these terms mean that the other memory the company is selling is lower quality junk. The bottomline, you will get the same memory either way and the seller will pocket the extra cash.

Avoid Common Memory Scams
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Avoid Common Memory Scams
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