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Memory Finder

Memory Finder

Memory, which is commonly referred to as RAM (Random Access Memory), is a temporary (Volatile) storage area utilized by the CPU. Before a program can be run, the program is loaded into the memory which allows the CPU direct access to the program. Memory is a necessity for any computer and it is recommend that you have at least 64MB of memory for your IBM or Macintosh.

Memory is commonly confused with Hard Drive Space. There are two types of memory; the first type of memory is the memory explained in the above paragraph, this memory is available in computer chips; the other type of memory is actually Hard Drive Space which is stored on the computer Hard Disk Drive. The Hard drive is actually a physical drive which contains several parts and is generally larger than the amount of memory found in your computer.

Finding just the right memory upgrade you need for your computer can be a confusing and lengthy process. You donít need confusing and lengthy, you just need to find your computer memory as quickly and painlessly as possible. This is exactly what our computer memory finder does for you.

You donít need to search for compatible memory components; we do that for you. Just give us your computer model number, and we provide a list of compatible memory modules. Use the drop down menus for quick and easy access to step-by-step options that lead you through the computer memory finder process. If you arenít experienced with computer memory terms or are unsure of just what kind of computer memory you need, visit our computer memory finder FAQ for easy to understand descriptions of the different memory formats, technologies, speeds and pin counts to help you choose and find the perfect computer memory module for you.

Although complete installation instructions are included with every computer memory module we ship, we also provide a complete online step-by-step installation guide, an online troubleshooting reference and the technical expertise of our experienced staff and customer service agents. We promptly respond to your questions and problems, and offer a five year warranty on our computer memory products. With our highly competitive pricing, youíre sure to find your computer memory upgrade at a price you can easily afford.

Whether you need more memory for your high-end servers and workstations, find flash memory, printer memory, or just want to give an extra kick of memory to your desktop PC or notebook, our computer memory finder will lead you to exactly what you need from our large selection of only the major name brands of computer memory modules or memory modules made from chips manufactured by the top name brands that you know and trust. We test every memory module before shipping it to insure that you receive a memory module that will allow your computer or computer accessories to operate at peak performance.

We have made it easy to find exactly the memory you need for your computer. Simply start by choosing your option from the drop down menu below:

Memory Finder
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